The Russian Battlefield

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Katyn revised 4668
The Winter War according to Sokolov Author: Peter Zaika 3058
The Failed Historian Author: Valeri Potapov 15726
ENEMA AT THE DOOR: a Foreigner Will Not Notice, a Russian Will Not Forgive Author: Valeri Potapov 6808
The Royal Opponent Author: n/a 11722
A few words on tank ramming Author: O. Losik 5460
Soviet Combat Snowmobiles Author: Valeri Potapov 8984
OMSBON - Independent Special Purpose Motorized Brigade Author: F. L. Kurlat, L. A. Studnikov 4391
Was the Tiger really King? Author: Valeri Potapov 17154
Projectile, Armor, and Methods to Increase Armor-Piercing Capability of Guns Author: Valeri Potapov 4034